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Ruffus, as Rapunzel, is locked in a witches tower and longs for someone who can come to the rescue - or at least just to play.


Woe is me.
How low is me.
I curl myself up with a bone and cry,
Oh Lord, how I try.
Alone is me.
Somebody please,
Send someone to me.

I've got wit and whiskers to tickle ya.
Sit, I can come, I can stay,
All day.
I can juggle, tell a good gasser too,
Fetching, bemusing, verbose,
I'm those.

I walk it like I talk it.
I got a cookie in my pocket. Ha ha!
I give beauty consultations.
I even do impersonations:

"That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard."

Somebody please,
I can't hardly wait,
Somebody send me
A playmate.


from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released May 24, 2010
Composer: J. P. Houston
Vocals: Rob Mills




Ruffus The Dog Toronto

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