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Ruffus as Sinbad joins his ship mates Ray & Harry, the Hausen brothers, on a journey across the seven seas.


When the anchor lifts and a ship casts off
And leaves the shore behind it,
There's nothing on Earth that can compare,
But if there is, we'll find it.

Sails heave on
Toward the sun.

A daring heart and a break neck pace
And adventure's what we seek.
Raise your sword and swear that you'll
Try to honour, serve and please.

And sail the seven seas
All four corners crossed.

Late at night
A gaze ten stars out
Sits a lonely girl I left
But I cannot stop to sulk

'Cause a daring heart and a breakneck pace
And adventure's what I choose.
I'll raise my sword and swear that I'll
Soar above the depths from which I rose.

Sail the seven seas
All four corners round.
Straight out to the edge
'Til the Earth is round.
(in a couple of hundred years)
Take it away, Columbus!


from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released May 24, 2010
Composer: J. P. Houston
Vocals: Robert Mills, Bob Stutt & Fred Stinson




Ruffus The Dog Toronto

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