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When Ruffus plays Bo Peep he has a hard time keeping track of his sheep. When the little critters get the best of him, all Ruffus can do is sing this lament.


I've been tryin'
You keep playin' games.

Boo - Hoo.

Now I'm cryin'
Hang my head in shame.

Shame - Shame.

I oughta keep tryin'
'Til something goes my way,
And if you come back here I'll say:
"Please stay."

I've been waitin'
At my garden gate.

Wait - Wait.

Awwww -

I oughta keep tryin'
'Til somethin' goes my way,
And if you come back here I'll say:
"I'm gonna keep tryin'
'Til something goes my way"
And you come back here please say:

You'll stay.

La la - La la la la - We'll stay.


from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released May 24, 2010
Composer: J. P. Houston
Vocals: Rob Mills, J. P. Houston




Ruffus The Dog Toronto

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