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As the Brave Little Tailor, Ruffus must defend his little town from a very big Giant. Fortunately a strategic rip in the Giant's pants helps bring them together for this very silly song.


Ladies and gentlemen,
A narrative with a massive impact,
A story nine stories tall,
With a heart the size of a truck.

Never thought me brave at all
But courage filled me up.
When he rang the bell
I all choked up
But I had to heed the call.
With a needle's silver sheen,
And a length of gabardine.
A perfect seam
And threads between
Pockets - and a dream.

Pants is pants
No matter what the stance is,
Chances are
You'll see with second glances
Now - he ain't so soft of shoe
But his dance is.

"Don't let me down big fella."
"I won't. Here we go!
Shuffle-hop-skip-step. Ha ha!"

"Want to help me out with the second verse?"

Pants is - pants
No matter what the stance is
Chances are you'll with second glances
Now - he ain't so soft
But his - pants - is.


from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released May 24, 2010
Composer: J. P. Houston
Vocals: Rob Mills, Fred Stinson




Ruffus The Dog Toronto

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