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It's the Adventures of Robin Hood! Ruffus, as Robin, rounds up his merry people to fight the injustices of the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham.


Man - these times are tough,
But tougher times,
No time for grieving.
You - ain't got enough
Get what you need
By means of thieving.

It ain't taxing when ya sneak on the sly.
The rich get poorer and the poor get by.
I'm Robin and stealin' is as grand as it gets.
Well you don't miss a pair if you've got seven sets.

If your loot pile is higher than a cathedral steeple,
You oughta give an inch to us Merry People!

I start laughing when they look through their purse,
"Where'd my gold go?"
Oh, Lord, how they curse.

I'm awestruck, astounded how much dough they can spread.
Let's scrape a little butter off the top of their bread.

Well your belly is bursting
But you'd still pinch a penny.
You oughta pinch an inch for us Merry Many.

A tiny contribution
For a redistribution,
With the other hand I'm robbin' you blind.
Ha ha, suckers.


from Songs From Ruffus The Dog, released May 24, 2010
Composer: J. P. Houston
Vocals: Rob Mills, Nina Keogh, Bob Stutt




Ruffus The Dog Toronto

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